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Meth Testing


Meth contamination in your house?

Protect your family and find out now.

Why do I need to test for past meth use?

The manufacture and use of Methamphetamine is widespread has been found in across all socio-economic levels in every city. One of the major issues are the health risks that linger long after those who used these chemicals are gone. Without proper testing, there is no way to determine if your dream house has been used for these illicit activities. 

The number of meth labs found in Utah have been on the decline, which is great news for home buyers, because the cooking process can more heavily contaminate a home than someone that is just using the finished product. But the risk from use alone still remains, and testing for meth is becoming a standard practice for many home buyers to alleviate any concerns they may have about a home they are considering to purchase.

Let us collect samples for you to send to local labs so that you can be assured that your family, and the house you are buying are free from the potential effects of these harmful chemicals.

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